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Creator Community 101: How to Grow Yours!

One of your main goals is to create and grow a solid online creator community as a creator. Without a creator community, you miss out on some significant benefits of having a following. 

A strong online community gives you indispensable feedback, creates strong brand loyalty, increases your brand’s visibility, and more! Statista reports that 43% of social media users follow at least one influencer. That’s a long list of people eagerly waiting to engage with you!

Here are some all-important tips for those who want to grow their creator communities and reap its benefits!

Be Authentic; Nobody likes a Fake!

Followers can smell fake from a mile away. Successful creators understand the critical role authenticity plays in building a solid community.

A great example of this would be this Coors Light tweet! Not only do they maintain their authentic voice, but they encourage a relationship and engagement with their followers while doing so.

A major part of your role as an influencer is to convince people to take action on a product/service you are promoting. They will only do this if you have garnered enough trust and loyalty from your audience.

Be Consistent

While it may be one of the more regurgitated sayings, it still rings true! Your followers are looking at you to show consistency within your online presence. Humans are creatures of habit, and without consistency, you will lose out on community members.

One great way to maintain consistency is by using platforms such as  Buffer to help pre-plan and schedule all of your social media posts! In addition, you can analyze engagement on your posts, see what is working, and identify opportunities to pivot.

Make it Bigger Than You!

Creating a community is like building a fan base! Their engagement extends beyond the content you produce, but they also find kinship and connection with other members of your community.

Having spaces like discord channels (unapologetic plug…join our growing community!) will allow your followers to have a meeting point for all their discussions and thoughts! 

Lastly, since the social platforms have different functionalities that allow you to interact with your followers in different ways, here’s a great little cheat sheet of how to utilize the various platforms! (You’re welcome!)

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