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Current TikTok Trends: Summer 2022 Edition 

Tiktok is a trend breeding ground and also a trend burial ground. Finding the right trend is typically only half the battle, with the other 50% coming from sheer timing. A trend that killed it last week will likely bore viewers this week. So how do you know what the hot trends are? You ask your friends at Infuse of course! 

 In that same helpful spirit, today we’re sharing 5 of the top Tiktok Trends you need to jump on this summer.

Infuse is a valuable resource for influencers and all things involved in the influencer-advertiser relationship, making it easier than ever to monetize your audience.

But first, a note on Tiktok Trends

It is important to note that not every trend is for every creator. When considering which to participate in, your audience should be the lens through which you see this trend and the yardstick by which you measure it.

While looking for the next big wave you could ride, make sure you only pursue the ones that seem authentic to you, your brand, and what your audience has come to expect.

Top 5 Trends: Summer 2022 Edition 

So without further ado, here are 5 of the top Tiktok Trends that you should check out and maybe participate in this summer.

The POV with wattupwill Orignal Sound 

At the time of writing this post, there are over 13,000 videos already made that you can scan for inspiration. The gist is to show you admiring someone or something in the POV of what you think you look like vs. the POV of what you do. However, any POV vs. could work. The stark contrast is the point of this trend. 

Well That’s My Life from Lizzie McQuire 

Blast from the past with this clip from the early ’00s hit Disney Channel Original Series, Lizzie McGuire. This trend checks all the nostalgia boxes just right and boasts over 53K videos and is almost infinitely customizable to fit most influencers, creators, or novices alike. 

The Stargirl Audio Clip 

This trend is a subtle one utilizing a simple and non-aggressive sound. That’s probably why it’s been used in more than 100,000 videos to date! This sound is usually added with a bit of comedy, like this awesome example from @lyss, but remember to tailor yours to what makes sense for your community. 

The Lord XP 

This sound is a huge trend right now with an almost unbelievable 765K+  videos already utilizing it. It is best used for seamless transitions like this incredible example by @kkoroba but can be used in literally thousands of different approaches. 

I’m going to live forever 

What a perfect final trend! This is another funny trend like this hilariously relatable post by @.serinyx but could be used in plenty of other contexts, and it is sure to please! 

Ready, Set, Trend 

So what do you think, will you be utilizing any of these summer 2022 trends on your channels and platforms? Have you seen these trends in use already? Do you have any of your own to share?

We’d love to hear from you and our free Discord channel is a great place to do exactly that!

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