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How to Effectively Market a Digital Product on Social Media

72% of Americans use at least one social platform to connect and engage with the world. Beyond that, social media makes it easier for consumers to get inspiration and shop for their next favourite thing. Insider Intelligence estimated that about half of all US adults made a purchase via social media in 2021.

As creators and influencers, brands are looking to you to market their products effectively and authentically. Keep reading to uncover three crucial tips to help you effectively sell a digital product on social media.

1. Know Your Audience!

In-depth knowledge of your audience helps you understand who your followers are beyond their high-level demographics. You’ll be able to identify their needs, wants and aspirations and connect those needs with the digital products that you promote. Consumers want to feel like you are talking to them, not at them. Building a connection with your audience helps build authenticity and trust between you and your followers.
When you know who you serve, you know the “whys,” “hows,” and “where” to reach them. You want to lead the horse to water AND make them drink too.

2. Understand the Problem You’re Solving with Your Digital Product and Pitch THAT!

As creators, you are in the service of two masters: the brand and your followers. You want to market the product accurately for the brand while keeping your audience engaged and informed.
That’s why your pitch needs to be creative and precise. Creating a seamless experience goes beyond the checkout process; it starts from your post. It will help if you are clear about EXACTLY why they need the product, how it will improve their life and fix their problems, and where they can purchase it. Be solutions-driven in your approach to digital product promotions.

3. Let Them SEE the Product in Action!

According to, nearly 97% of marketers using videos say that videos help them improve how well consumers understand their products in today’s world. And with several social platforms prioritizing their video capabilities, you now have so many interactive ways to showcase the products you are promoting.

Videos are important to effectively Market a Digital Product on Social Media

Tools like Magisto make social media video production easier for the average Joe. Don’t limit yourself to prerecorded videos only. Live video is skyrocketing, and several social platforms, including Pinterest, currently offer this feature and have reported some success.


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