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Influencer Collaboration and How to Get Started 

As an influencer, you have many marketing strategies at your disposal. Of all the tactics available, influencer collaboration has to be one of Infuse’s favourites to recommend. Why? Simple, because influencer collaboration is one of the most effective and variable marketing strategies you can employ. 

 Influencer collaboration can allow you to increase your reach, keep your audience happy, increase engagement and gain new followers/fans faster than any other strategy. It is infinitely customizable, meaning it can fit into ANY marketing plan, strategy and budget! 

Influencer Collaboration Defined 

Influencer collaboration can mean a few different things. It can mean an influencer collaborating with a brand or an influencer collaborating with an influencer. In this blog, we are referring to the latter. Influencer + Influencer collaboration. 

Why Consider Influencer Collaboration?

So if you’re an influencer, you may be thinking, “Wait? Shouldn’t I spend my time finding brands and businesses, not other Influencers to collaborate with?” Of course, collaborating with businesses and brands is your bread and butter. However, there are a few crucial reasons you may want to consider adding influencer collaboration into your marketing strategy. 

It increases your reach. 

The main reason you may want to consider influencer collaboration is for the increased reach. When partnering with the right influencers, you can easily double the reach of your content by tapping into the audience they bring to the table. 

It diversifies your content.

Content creators often have a hard time coming up with new content ideas time after time after time. Influencer collaboration can be a fantastic way to diversify your content and give your audience something new and exciting to consume. 

It drives engagement 

 Featuring another well-known or growing personality in your content is an excellent way to drive the most engagement. While we don’t have any platform-sanctioned stats to back this up, do some quick guerrilla research on Youtube, and you’ll see for yourself. 

How to get started with Influencer Collaboration

Choose the right influencer to partner with 

First, you will need to identify which influencer to work with. That influencer should have a similar size audience with a similar niche or style to yours. It is essential not to get so caught up on the size of the influencer you’re potentially partnering with that you forget the goal. 

Ultimately the goal is to keep your audience engaged while possibly snagging a couple of thousand new followers to add to that happily engaged audience. So the influencer you choose to work with should be someone whom your audience can vibe with and whose audience will vibe with (i.e. follow) you! 

You may be getting invitations to collaborate with other influencers already. If so, you can start considering the offers but be sure to vet each request (as mentioned above) and keep your current audience in mind when deciding what other influencers they might enjoy seeing on your platforms.

Deciding on a Collaboration 

Here’s the fun part – where you collaborate. It doesn’t have to be a big to-do, but it certainly can. If you’re a YouTuber, you can create a video together (in person or not). Or you can create companion videos to be watched together (they record part one, and you record part two). 

You can consider collaborating on a social media giveaway or takeover if you’re not a video creator. The two of you can pair up and go after a large brand deal, leveraging your collective audience power. Whatever you decide, make sure it is unique to your audience and the brand you are trying to cultivate while also allowing yourself to go a little outside of your comfort zone. After all, sometimes the best growth (whether personal or as a business metric) is often achieved right outside of what feels normal! 

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