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Influencer Following VS Influencer Communities

We can no longer deny the power of influencer marketing. Last year alone, 58% of marketers said influencer marketing was the most effective marketing trend they utilized. Influencers continue to deliver high-quality customers to brands faster and cheaper than other traditional media channels, solidifying their place in every world-class brand’s marketing strategy. 

To be a worthwhile partner to brands, Influencers need to have a following and an engaged community. In this blog post, you’ll discover the difference between these terms and how to utilize them for successful campaigns.

Influencer Following

Your following is the number of people who follow you across your social platforms. Follower counts are crucial as they speak to your reach and decide what kind of brands you work with. On Tiktok, for example, with a following of 10K, you can expect to pull in about $100,000/year, but with 1 million followers, you can expect your payday to increase by 250%! 

Your followership is a critical metric you should pay close attention to because more followers equal a more extensive reach. Brands pay for reach; thus, more followers mean more opportunities for you as an influencer. 

Influencer Community 

As an influencer, your community is an in-depth breakdown of your followers, i.e. who makes up your followers? Your community is the unique collection of followers you bring to the table and how they interact with you! Here are the types of followers that make up your community as an influencer.

Who Makes Up Your Community?

1. Customers 

These followers follow you because they’ve exchanged income for something you’re providing. These can be people who’ve bought your merchandise, subscribed to your channel or paid subscriptions, donated to your Patreon, or made purchases based on your recommendations. These are the followers that trust you with their money.

2. Brand Ambassadors

These followers started as self-promoted (pun intended) customers. These followers share your posts, recommend you, hype you up and are the most active of your followers. These are the followers that trust you with their reputation.

3. Potential Customers / Casual Followers

These followers are genuinely interested in you and have the potential to convert into paying customers. This group will make up a large portion of your follower count, as research shows that only about 25% of any following are active customers. 

4. Bandwagon Followers & Trolls

As your reach increases, your community will collect bandwagon followers and, inversely, trolls. This is normal and not something to actively avoid. People say these fans are not valuable because they are not necessarily fans or converting customers but remember, you get paid by the follower, so even bandwagons and harmless trolls have their place.

Influencer Followers vs Influencer Community? 

There isn’t a “better” when it comes to influencer communities vs influencer followers. A successful influencer will need them both – a solid follower base comprised of a robust and engaged community.

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