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Must-Have Creator Tools for Every Influencer’s ToolKit

If you’re a content creator, you already know the critical role of the right creator tools in your toolbox – they can enhance or destroy even the brightest ideas or concepts. Creating high-performing and engaging content is less likely and more complex without the right creator tools.

So make it easier and get yourself the perfect tools for the job. We’ve curated a list of the best creator tools to help you make the most of summer 2022 and beyond.

Content Production/Creation Tools

Unless your content is watercolour painting or another non-digital content, you will need creation software. The best tool will vary a bit depending on your needs, but some crowd favourites include:


Canva is cloud-based design software that lets you create designs in numerous sizes and even allows you to edit and create videos. The service has an excellent and expansive free version, and its paid version is very affordable and well worth the less than $10/month it will set you back. 

Adobe Creative Cloud 

Adobe Creative Cloud is THE creme de la creme for design, editing, and storage solutions. They’ve become more user-friendly and affordable over the years and are an excellent tool for creators. 

Content Management Tools 

You’ve created your next post, but how do you manage your scheduling? Tools like CoscheduleBuffer, and Hootsuite help you get the posts scheduled in advance. While tools like DropboxGoogle Drive, and Onedrive can help you store and organize your materials.

Performance & Analytics Tools

It is not enough to post content, any creator worth their salt takes time to measure performance as it is a clear indicator of what is working and helps you identify growth opportunities. These analytics tools can be beneficial for your content performance measurement and reporting.

Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel can track your site’s users and gather helpful information on your audience makeup. This data helps you identify what your audience is responding to or can be used to retarget interested potential users later. 

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